Saturday, June 9, 2012

First Love/A Little Thing Called Love/Crazy little thing called love

First Love("A Little Thing Called Love") is a 2010 Thai romantic comedy film starring Mario Maurer and Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul.


                                                                      Nam lives with her sister and mother. She is Shone's junior and secretly loves him. Nam and her friends help her confess her love with the help of the book '9 recipes of love'.Shone's childhood friend Top joins the school. He has an instant liking for her.Some days later Top confesses his love to Nam. On an outing Shone finally confesses indirectly that he loves her, but is interrupted by Top. At the birthday night party of Ake, Top and Shone share their story and say that they promise never to fall in love with the same girl. That night Nam breaks up with him.


Three years has passed by since the beginning of her story.She would leave for USA to be with her dad. On the closing of the school year, she finally confesses to Shone. But is heart broken when she sees that Pin and Shone are together. That night Shone leaves his diary in front of her house. That diary contained all of Nam's photos. He always loved her but their time never matched. Shone leaves for Bangkok.

Nine years later, Nam is a successful costume designer and Shone has changed his profession to be a pro-photographer. In a reality show Nam and Shone are reunited.

The film got the good impression and positive reviews from critics and audiences, despite being filmed with an average budget.The film was shown in cinemas for nearly ten weeks making it one of the longest running movies in Thailand cinemas.

Several countries got interested to get the rights to broadcast or release the film. Since then, some audiences got also a high interest to watch the film in their countries.

Here goes the First Love OST-Someday


#2 Someday I'll Be Good Enough


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